Living with neighbors

Where people live and move in the same environment, there are rules - written and unwritten. It is possible to learn and relate to the written rules in AAB Vejle.  The unwritten ones are more difficult. If you ask Danes about the unwritten rules, they will often be unable to reply. They know the rules, but they never, or only rarely, think about them.

Many foreigners find that it is difficult to make contact with Danes. In many cases that is probably true. However, it does not mean that the Danes do not want to make contact with others. Often it simply takes a little while before you get close to the Danes. And once you have gotten close to them, you will discover that most of them are warm and hospitable.

The Danes are not as accustomed to dropping in on each other as people are in many other cultures. But although the Danes may seem reserved, most most of them are happy to help. That is why you should not hesitate to ask your neighbors if you need help or are in doubt about anything. In most places you can also knock or ring at your neighbor’s door and ask if you can borrow flour or sugar if you have run out.

The Danes usually do not pay surprise visits to each other. They agree on it in advance. As a new tenant it is a good idea to invite your nearest neighbors in for a cup of coffee. You can get to know them, tell them about yourself, and at the same time get some information about the rules of the area - written as well as unwritten.