Waiting lists and seniority

You must be 15 years of age to be signed up on a waiting list for non-profit housing in AAB Vejle.

All housing organizations must have two waiting lists: the external waiting list, and a promotion list (internal waiting list).

You must pay a fee to join the waiting list in AAB Vejle, and afterwards you must pay a fee once a year to remain on the waiting list, regardless of which waiting list you join.

The external waiting list in AAB Vejle

This waiting list is for everyone, who doesn’t already live in one of AAB Vejles estates. This waiting list is called the normal waiting list (almindelig venteliste) or the external waiting list (ekstern venteliste). If you are on this waiting list, you will receive housing according to how long you have been on the list.

The promotion list AAB Vejle

If you already live on an estate in AAB Vejle, but wish to acquire new housing within the housing organization, you will join a different waiting list. This waiting list is called the promotion list. You will receive new housing according to how long you have been on the list.

When you wish to be considered for a residence, you must inform AAB Vejle, and you will then be registered as “actively seeking housing” on the waiting list. Use our homepage.

Usually, your seniority is calculated from the date that you are registered on the waiting list.

When you sign the contract, you are typically deleted from the waiting list, and any seniority you have earned will be lost.