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Non-profit housing for everyone

Non-profit housing is housing for everyone. All those who live in the same estate pay the expenses of the estate through their Rental payments to AAB Vejle. And the tenants jointly decide what is going to take place in the estate.

The laws stipulate that in non-profit housing no one is allowed to make a profit from the rental. The rent has to be fixed so that it covers the expenses connected with the running of the estate. Non-profit housing estates are managed by AAB Vejle in co-operation with an estate committee, which is elected by the tenants and are representatives for the tenants. You can read more about the estate committee and the housing organization in ”Service and information”.

At least once a year the estate committee arranges a tenants' meeting, where all tenants can come and voice their opinions or offer suggestions for what needs to be done to the estate. Many estates publish a tenants’ newsletter, in which one can read about what is happening in the housing area and about decisions made at the tenants' meetings and in AAB Vejle.

Non-profit housing includes houses, terraced-houses, apartments, housing for young people and the elderly and senior co-housing schemes. There is both new housing and old housing. 
People who already live in a non-profit housing have a better chance of getting another home within the same housing organization. If you want a different dwelling, you have to join our waiting list. Families with children have priority for large apartments. You can read more about renting in ”Rules for rentals”.

Rights and duties

The rental contract states your rights and duties. You have to pay rent and bills for electricity, heating etc. on time to AAB Vejle. All housing associations have house rules that have been agreed upon by the tenants and which you have to observe. To get on well with your neighbors you must take care to observe the common rules and maintain order in the common areas and in your own home.