Refurbishment of the home when moving in

In non-profit housing there are two schemes for refurbishment: the A- scheme and the B-scheme.

When you move into your new home it has been refurbished according to the scheme which the housing estate has chosen.

Under the A-scheme the residence has been cleaned and refurbished when you move in AAB Vejle. Walls and ceilings will usually have been freshly wallpapered and painted and the residence has been cleaned. The remaining items in the apartment have been refurbished as necessary.

Under the B-scheme you take over the residence as it was handed over by the previous tenant. In other words, the walls and ceilings have not necessarily been refurbished. The residence has a maintenance account in AAB Vejle. You can use money from this account for refurbishing the residence as agreed upon with the housing organization.

Call AAB Vejle for more information if needed.