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Home improvement (Right of disposal)

All residents have a right to improve their home indoors after informing AAB Vejle. You can get a refund of documented expenses for improvement if you move out before the amount is written off.

An improvement to the home need not be restored when moving out. If changes are made that do not increase the value of the property, AAB Vejle can demand restoration of the property when you move out.

Your right of disposal thus enables you, for example, to install a new kitchen that you pay for yourself. If you move out before 20 years have passed – if the depreciation period is 20 years – you will get some of your expenses refunded.

It is also possible to make improvements or changes outside of the home. But here it is the estate meeting that decides what is permitted in the estate. It is also the estate meeting that decides whether restoration is required.

If changes or improvements require special maintenance expenses, the rent may be raised to cover such expenses.

More information on rules and possibilities can be found in BL’s leaflet “Råderetten“.